Saturday, September 5, 2009

No! Please, Don't. Why???

What you see in the picture above is quite sad really. There are women all over the world spending too much damn money to reclaim a youth that is NEVER coming back so why not grow older gracefully! And then you have the likes of Diddy obviously having the same 'hold on to my youth' cryout with this new mess group he has created.

“Dirty money is not about no drug money, illegal money, or anything negative,” Combs explained. “Dirty money is a look, a sound, a movement, [and] a crew.

Besides the obvious lack of attention paid to grammar...this statement doesn't seem to ring true considering a 40 year old grown ass man is dressed as if he is getting ready to rob a bank with his not one-but-two Bonnie ride-or-die chicks at his side. SMH

For my new album Last Train to Paris, I wanted to do something refreshing, something unique, something forward for myself as an artist…I’m a team player. I wanted to tell a love story…I couldn’t just tell the male’s point of view.”

Ehhh! Refreshing, Unique, Forward...uhmmmmm...not seeing it considering the ghetto hood mentality is already heavily 'in effect' with the bunch of ig'nant Lil, Initial and Fashion Label monikers that are--good and plenty--in today's music (much to my horror) scene.

The time comes in all of our lives when we have to grow up and put away childish things...Diddy now is the time.

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