Respect Black is about Black people and how we operate in this world. Topics will be in the areas of lifestyle, culture, race, gender, class, social issues and politics. 

Respectability politics is not the intention. The goal is to not allow anti-Blackness to dictate our lives or stop us from loving who we are as people by sharing, analyzing and critiquing the world as it exists with the hope of it becoming what it should be for all of us. 

Being Black in today's world can be difficult because it means living under a system that oppresses and devalues our lives. A white supremacist socialized society is meant to distract and cripple our ability to remove the blockades that are meant to hold us back. 

Protect your family, protect your future! 

Comment Policy:
  1. Choose a name.  Anonymous comments are not allowed.
  2. Stay on topic.  Some latitude is given to express a point but derailing is not allowed.
  3. No personal attacks.  Attack the comment and not the person.
  5. Profanity is discouraged.  Let's try to have discussions and debates without it.
  6. Everyone is welcome here (assuming that you can behave as a adult with home training). 

Respect Black is written with the views, concerns and thoughts of Black people as the priority. Non-Black readers should proceed with caution and comment with deference. 

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