Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 is here!

Well, long story short...  Illness and family concerns prevented me from caring for this blog the way that I have wanted to and now with the new year arriving (so fast that my head is still spinning) and health and family on the rise I am going to try this again!

This blog has primarily been a place for me to vent about things that really confuse me because they are so ridiculous and/or quite simply piss me off.  There will be more of the good things that are happening being shared in posts and not simply digested in order for me to maintain my congenial spirit. 

I want to try to approach this blog with the same level of passion for what is right while vehemently speaking against what I consider to be wrong.  I hope to do this with more temperance so that my words are not misconstrued and my message is not lost.  I will however maintain the same level of directness but I am deciding not to allow anger to take the lead.

Action matters and I plan to be more active than I already am in my personal life towards helping black people ascend and in realizing that we are better than "the little" that too many are willing to accept.  The action I take in my personal life extends to this blog.  I will be stepping on a lot of toes because we really need to get a grip on reality. 

So,  let 2012 be the year that you care more, do more and expect more!

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