Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Educator Fail: Black teacher makes inappropriate comment to student

It has been reported that Leslie Ranier made debasing comments to a Black student in her classroom.  The comments are offensive but not surprising given the type of world that we live in today.  Yes, I say not surprising because we live in a society in which too many Black people feel that it is acceptable and warranted to degrade each other.

There are so many negatives in this world that Black children have to deal with and it is completely sad that one of those things has to be sabotage inflicted on them by someone that is in a position of power to help them succeed.  It is especially troubling when that person is someone that comes from their own community. 

Ms. Ranier and one too many like her make it difficult to propel Black excellence to the forefront where it should be.  Her paycheck should not be earned by giving her access to even one child who would be at risk of being deterred in pursuing their best.  There are expectations that all children should have and a safe school environment is one of them.  This woman has failed in her position of educator and protector.

I speak a lot about the importance of protecting and educating our children because all of our children deserve healthy environments that include supportive and inspiring people surrounding them.  Leslie Ranier is one less person to be included in that effort.

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