Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Benefit of the Doubt?

Giving "the benefit of the doubt" is an expression that I have no use for as a Black person living under the racist conditioning of this world.  It is dead as far as I am concerned right along with the expression "I'll trust you until you give me a reason not to".  These expressions and many like them are dangerous and do not apply to life for Black people in America or even around the world when dealing with white people and racism.  When it comes to racism, expressions like these serve the purpose of creating a delusional reality for white people and a false sense of safety for Black people.

Black people can't afford the "benefit of the doubt".  It is costing us too much.  Allowing these mindsets to permeate our consciousness deludes us into believing that we DON'T live in a society that will not hesitate in trying to eliminate us physically, mentally and emotionally.  There is no real trust, safety or benefit for non-white people in an oppressive white supremacist society.

We can't allow our desire and right to live in a racially unbiased world lull us into believing that it is ever really possible to do that in a world that is structurally biased against us. White people/White Identified People that like to say that we can't or shouldn't judge them by the actions of too many when they go around judging Black people by the actions of a few can shut the hell up and get back to me when they get harassed, maligned or assaulted on a daily basis just for breathing.  

America has a racism problem.  Black people can't trust a world that insists on perpetuating the lie that we are the reason racism continues to exist.  Be mindful that no matter how "good" we are in this world, as Black people, our lives will not be better until society as a whole denounces sick people and racist practices that exist purposefully to ensure that we don't.

Never be silent and always watch your back.

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