Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Truth Shall Set Us Free

I was sitting here today flipping channels watching various talking heads and the Chris Matthews show (well actually the show description) caught my attention. Chris Matthews and his panel of guests would be discussing: "Who is responsible for the heated rhetoric over President Obama's ethnicity?". There was not one black person on the panel!

When President Obama was elected MSM (yes Matthews included) was discussing whether black people could be expected to be objective when interviewing Obama or reporting on the Obama administration...but there can be a panel of "white" people discussing where responsibility lies for racist comments from racist "white" people regarding Obama's ethnicity objectively. Talking about a double standard of ridiculousness.

I watch black journalists on television discussing different issues and the issue of race always brings about this certain dance that a majority of black people know all too well when you have to balance you "real" self with your "corporate" self. (Full disclosure: I have always had great difficulty with that myself) Having to bite your tongue when a white person says something presumptuous, privileged or just ridiculously rude and still maintain a sense of decorum is damn hard. Just imagine the freedom in a world where black people didn't feel the need to do that.

Well, it actually exists right now but I think so many us behave as if we are still beholding to the "white man" for our existence like we are still on the plantation. Our ancestors were always thinking about what was most important and that was making it possible for themselves to make it as far as they could go in the world so that their children and their grandchildren and so on could go further. We have fallen down on our J-O-B! Just look at the state of our children, our churches and our communities. It is a disgrace.
What happened to the enterprising and self reliant nature of our people.

Ugh... let's say what we mean and mean what we say. Sometimes there is just so much pretense when we are speaking out against anything that has to be done with righting wrongs... and for what. I hate pretense. Pretense is only necessary when you care about making white people comfortable about not addressing the ugly history of America and all that evolved from it. I could care less about making them comfortable.

There is not one white person feeling any sense of apprehensiveness about reaping the entitlement and privilege that they are automatically afforded by being born with white skin. Whether they are against "white privilege" or not they still readily welcome reaping the benefits of it. How do I know? Ask a white person if they want to wake up black and you will get a look as if you had two heads. White supremacy has scarred America in ways that black people still suffer under and we still have black people helping it to continue.

How sad it is that the organizations that were formed to ensure that black rights were always defended are shells now or should I say shell games!


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