Friday, August 14, 2009

Seriously...Love Me or Leave Me Alone!

Black ISN'T that serious anymore!

Hallelujah...We live in a multicultural world that affords us ALL an opportunity to be with whomever we choose. Just don't try to destroy black women on your way out the door because burning bridges with a community of women that bore you, nurtured you and supported you ain't the way to do it.

Regardless of what the mainstream society may tell you subliminally (or these days down right blatantly) there is no need to put black women down to be better in your life. Doing that is seriously considered slave mentality thinking when you think you have to spit on your own race in order to move up and be accepted in this world. GOD put us all here so that automatically affords us the right to go anywhere and be anything we want in this world. Our ancestors worked hard for our civil rights and black women having to contend with "others" demeaning and maligning us is one thing that we are used to having to fight against but being demeaned and maligned by black men in this society is completely reprehensible. Sorry fellas, no excuse is acceptable

Now before anyone responds about this post being about bashing black men in any is not! This post is about calling on our better selves to do right by each other. We have been through alot together and there is no way we move forward without each other as anchors. I LOVE black men (MEN being the operative word) but there are too many out there that are not standing up for what is right when it comes to the way black women are portrayed or treated by them and others.

So many people are always speaking about black women being so strong and direct when it comes to what we expect for ourselves and from those in our lives but that is a part of our history. It was the only way to keep our families solid. BLACK can't have us as your shoulder and your backbone and then expect for us to be less than diligent in ensuring we don't accept less from anyone, most especially you. There is no need for the disdain or animosity towards black women because BLACK WOMEN as I see it...have made this world work for us all not just for ourselves!

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