Sunday, September 13, 2009

Religious Pillaging in the Black Community

First, I know that a good majority might be against what I am about to say and even if that is the case it will not stop me from saying it.

What good can b
e said about a religious black community that exploits and forsakes its people after all that we have already been through in this country?

I don't even begin to think that all--spiritual leaders, pastors, preachers, ministers-- whichever title is used are all indulging in this but far too many are and it makes me sick. I have always been told to believe nothing without questioning everything about it first and religion is no different in my opinion and as a matter of fact I think that it is one of the most important things to question if we are using it to guide our choices in life.

Growing up in the church and being told the same thing that I am sure a great deal of us were told about reading the words in the bible "Study to show thyself approved..."(2 Timothy 2:15). We are often told these words and with being told these words, to me, it means questioning the very words that are written and the spoken interpretation of the words that so many seem to take at face value from the mouths of these "religious" orators. When questioning these words or the people interpreting these words for the masses those doing the questioning are often made to feel guilty for doing so.

I believe that there is a God. I don't necessarily believe in everything as it is written because there have been far too many times that it has been proven that the Bible and history have been adapted to fit the teaching of religious doctrines of any and all religions to suit the purpose of those doing the "teaching". By no means do I believe that I have it all figured out but I do know how to think for myself and question those things that I don't think are right.

The millionaire pastors and their flock of believers...

Please tell me why these pastors of these megachurches (do I really need to name them) are allowed to profit off of their congregations and no one questions the fact that in the true essence of what God believes this would be considered wrong! How does it seem right that a pastor can become a multimillionaire off of a congregation that has so many people suffering personally in it. There are people that walk into these churches and view these "pastors" on television in their designer clothing and they barely have shoes on their feet thinking that if they just give enough they will be saved. It makes me sick.

Should the pastors be cared for by the congregation it serves monetarily... I don't see anything wrong with it... but what about the excess that exists in it...whatever happened to the pastor living in home owned by the church and receiving a income and stipend to care for his family while he is pastor?! His true calling is helping those less fortunate through the word of God. Instead we have these pastors who are making are making ridiculous amounts of money while so many in their congregation continue to their last to the church that seems to not always give a great return on that blind faith! Too many are suffering.

What happened to building the black community instead of watching it falter.

We have a black community that is dying because we have so many pastors that refuse to speak on issues that are destroying the Black community (HIV/AIDS, unplanned pregnancies, child abandonment, fatherless homes) as if speaking on these issues poses harm to the community rather than being a benefit to rebuilding it. Religion in the Black community that used to be a source of strength has now seemed to create a culture of the blind leading the blind. It makes me sick to see that so many people will uphold these religious leaders as if so many of them will always do what is right because "they" are the only ones that have been chosen by God. Need I remind anyone of the risk in putting anyone on a pedestal! We have so-called religious leaders falling off those pedestals everyday and yet people still continue to do it. SMH

Speak up and allow accountability to be a requirement in your search for religious leaders/orators to help you in your search for answers in the world we live in. To take on the great task of helping people find their way in the world means being accountable for it!

How many of these religious leaders that are preaching do you think have actually received formal theology training instead of "honorary degrees"?

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