Friday, September 11, 2009

Caster Semenya's Privacy Invaded for Sport

She is who she was created to be and had no choice in it as did none of us. And whether she is in a track suit working her ass off kicking up dust for her followers to choke on or in a dress on a magazine cover done up to embrace society's definition of femininity... she is who she was born to be Caster Semenya of South Africa!

The intimate details of an 18 year old's privacy has been desecrated and for what?! At the age of 18 most are still trying to find their way in life in order to figure out who the are, what the want to do and who they want to be and this young lady is thrown out to the public by wolves who could care less about the damage they cause a young person by invading and then displaying the private details of her life for all to see. It is absolutely sickening.

This young woman has found something that she enjoys and is very good at and these people want to destroy it. Wow. Just Wow. How often are young people told to find what they love to do and to give their all to it to achieve success in life. I guess that commitment to success in life only matters if you're not an exceptional South African competitive runner named Caster Semenya.

Everything that has happened to Caster Semenya since her privacy was invaded by the media and corroborated by the IAAF in regards to this testing has been deplorable. I find it very difficult to believe that this information could not have remained undisclosed and left up to Miss Semenya to divulge IF SHE CHOSE TO. And my disgust with these people in the IAAF has little to do with them choosing to have this gender testing (which is a highly sensitive matter) done because Miss Semenya has graciously agreed to it. My disgust with IAAF, the media and the other ilk involved is the attempt to destroy this young woman privately and publicly by revealing something so extremely personal about her person to the world before she has even had a chance to become who she is meant to be. EPIC FAIL!

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