Wednesday, August 11, 2010

At What Cost?

"Destroy the woman, Destroy the people."

Black people have been continually under siege in America since the day our African ancestors set foot on these shores in 1619 and the only difference in the last almost 400 years is our oscillating acceptance of it. There are some who will say that we are in a different time period and the things that our enslaved ancestors went through is not the same life that we lead today-- and in saying that they would be dead wrong!

Our history in this country --really around the world-- due to the horrors of slavery doesn't afford us the same latitude as white people because
for centuries our culture and our people have been defined and maligned by them based on white superiority being the ideal. Just think about that for a moment... in order for them to be superior... colonialists went above and beyond to ensure that generation after generation Black people and white people would continue to pass down "white people's truth" of black inferiority to our children! For them to ascend they had to destroy us as a people and they chose the women as their path because if you destroy the woman then you definitely destroy the family.

It is absolutely imperative to our future that Black people stop continuing to make the mistake of seeing ourselves as "the same" as white people in this society!

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