Thursday, August 12, 2010

RIP Mitrice

KTLA news has confirmed that the body of Mitrice Richardson has been found after being reported missing almost a year ago. My prayers go out to her family and loved ones.

It was on September 17, 2009 (about 1:30 a.m.) that a visibly confused Mitrice Richardson was released from a police station in the Malibu area without any concern for her welfare because they released her into the night with no identification, phone or anyone to assist her in her confused state.

The circumstances surrounding her disappearance have always reeked! And from reading this LA Times article there are still more questions than answers. The article stated that the Los Angeles police department were the primary investigators in her disappearance based on where she resided and not where she went missing. It's puzzling that the sheriff's station that released her did not participate in her search until much later even though she was last seen leaving the Malibu Sheriff departments station. That is all kinds of 'something ain't right'. This very same article stated that she was a fixture on cable and TV news after her disappearance... she was never given the same amount of attention as a Natalee Holloway. <- That's a wikipedia link just in case you're wondering.

I hope that Mitrice's family will not allow the police to bury this case because there is definitely something foul going on. And if there weren't doubts about the shadiness and carelessness in the search for Mitrice it was definitely confirmed when the Sheriff's department scheduled a
press conference to confirm Mitrice Richardson's death BEFORE they contacted her family and lost his cool when called on it!

I hope they find the person(s) responsible and sadly I fear that it will be an internal investigation of the people who were sworn to protect.

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