Thursday, August 5, 2010

Black people... subdued into a coma!

A coma... that has to be it! Right? It would explain why so many of us are behaving as if there isn't a hell of a lot of wrong going on in the way that this world operates when it comes to race... there is work to do and truths to be told! There are not enough people speaking out on BS (in any and all arenas) and too many are behaving as if it's okay that Black people and communities are failing-- and silence, deference and denial equals complicity.

The frustration and anger that I feel when I see the lukewarm concern about the negative way too many of us view and treat ourselves and each other, and the negative way we are portrayed en masse is overwhelmingly deplorable. I am a Mom (of a beautiful daughter) and I tend to always think about the world living up to EVERYTHING that it should be and in order for that to happen the "status quo" is NOT sufficient.

Regardless of how much we accomplish individually, love it or hate it, we live in a world that places people in "seemingly" identifiable groups based on the color of one's skin. What exacerbates that aspect "of life" in this world is the fact that a person's worth and potential is still attached to the color of their skin and not the 'content of their character'.

America will forever be soiled with the blood of a people that endured kidnapping, familial separation, rapes, beatings, murders and disenfranchisement [due to a government complicit in Slavery, Black codes, Jim Crow and Redlining] until it does right by the generations of people who were wronged. America's character is currently defined by the destruction of a people who built it and received less than what they should have in return.

For the record: I have no problem with people noticing the color of my deep mocha skin but I have every problem with being treated as less than or invisible because of it!

Truth To Be Told

1. We live in a white paternalistic sociopathic society that unfortunately continues to thrive.

2. Education for the children of America in regards to history-- is whitewashed, hollow and riddled with benign truths and horrendous lies. Why has that never been challenged on a national level? An unabridged and limitless education for our children is but one of the many important steps toward righting the wrongs that have been done and continue to be done.

I'm not finished... just getting started!

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