Friday, September 24, 2010

The Preacher, the Peacock and the Pimp

Did you know that peacocks are best known for the male's extravagant tail, which it displays as a part of courtship?

Look I grew up in the church and I know the good that Christians can do.  But come on... not all "church folk" are Christians! There are still (after all the years of deception "in the fold") devout church folks who believe so much in the "man" that they will listen to and follow anything as long as there are enough Amens and Hallelujahs.  I believe there is a God but I DO NOT believe in organized religion that becomes a hustler's enterprise.

After looking at the comment sections of various reports on the allegations there seems to be two different groups speaking out about this issue, "the believers" and "the non-believers".  The "news" story about Bishop Eddie Long and the allegations against him have been going on for a week now and it just continues to unfold.
I am waiting to see what Eddie Long has to say for himself. 

Update: Eddie Long said nothing.  What I concluded from Long's "speech" is the fact that there seemed to be NO contriteness at all in regards to the situation.  He relied mostly on lofty rhetoric to portray himself as a victim who has been wrongfully judged and misunderstood!  Make no mistake... I believe this man is guilty of the allegations (and probably more) but he is also guilty of using this situation to perform in a grandiose manner to feed his HUGE ego.  Nothing he said was worth waiting five days to respond.  He did not once flat out deny an improper relationship with the young men in his congregation that were a part of his young men's group.  Long said that he will not try this case in the public but in the court system of justice.

"On the advice of counsel, I am not going to address the allegations and the attacks. I want this to be dealt with in the court of justice not the court of public opinion. I am going to fight. Fight very vigorously"
A man that counsels and preaches to people to have faith in God and believe in him ultimately decides to rely on man.


  1. I think he's screwed. If those men have any kind of evidence to back up their allegations....

    I don't even know how to finish that.

  2. Oh yeah, he is done! I believe that and everyone that was complicit that who situation needs to be put on blast and prosecuted if at all possible.