Sunday, October 17, 2010

Imagine a World Where Every Black Athlete Walked Away

It's football Sunday and after reading an article on one of the media mafia's websites about the unbelievability of Sean "Diddy" Combs becoming an NFL team owner I couldn't resist flipping it a little and wondering what would happen to all those white owners if all black athletes were smart enough to leverage their economic power as a unit and walk out.  By the way, I don't give a damn about defending Sean Combs' ability to do anything because I consider him to be one of many infectious diseases that has corrupted one too many youth.

What would happen if all black athletes collectively chose to just walk away from their respective sport.  Take the time to think about that for a second.  Extreme madness, strokes and huge financial ramifications would occur and it would be epic.  I actually can't think about it without smiling a little.

The comment section had people defending Mr. Mabary by saying he was being satirical.  That may very well be what he intended (yeah right) but his use of the racist stereotypes tanked the satirical piece for me after that.  He crossed over into the same stereotypical racist BS that many white people have no problem doing because it is part of who they are in this world that has skewed so far white.

There’s also the issue of NFL owners, the oldest and whitest of old white guy clubs, being wary of a young owner with a dubious legal past and considerable media notoriety.
Why couldn't Sean Combs be an NFL owner? Debauchery and violence hasn't stopped this guy.  Anyway I will leave it to you to pick out the other racist elements of the article. 

The NFL and the NBA are billion dollar businesses where the players are 60% plus black and the owners are 99.9% white!  Everything that I see about this "business" dynamic reminds me of the history of plantation life both before and long after slavery. Yeah sure, the players make large sums of money but their salaries are NOTHING compared to the income of the white men behind the scene.

Too many black folks are extremely content with receiving money from white folks for funding instead of creating and pooling our resources so that we can have our own businesses that build up our communities and our people.  Think of all the industries that would implode--sports, music, fashion, cosmetic, hair care, entertainment, automotive-- if it were not for black people and black dollars.  Black people have yet to realize, control and benefit from our full economic power on a grand scale. It sure would be a beautiful thing to see.

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