Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Repect Black: Past, Present, Future (Part 2)

This is the last post in the series that began with me making the statement that Black History Month Should Not Be Enough and Respect Black: Past, Present, Future (Part 1) began my thoughts on why.

In the 21st century there are people that are trying to legislate the revision of history in textbooks in an effort to remove white people's culpability in atrocities that have been inflicted on non-white people here and around the world.   They also intend to lessen or completely remove information and entire programs that provide information about non-white people and their contributions.  That means that your children will continue learning that white people matter and that they don't in a legally required formal education facility also known as America's elementary and secondary school system.  White supremacy wants to extinguish anyone or any event that doesn't fit their white superiority model.  If they succeed.  A Black History Month isn't going to do squat to make that better.  The only way to combat this level of arrogance and duplicity is to engage our children and ourselves in the importance of a great education.

We live in a time where people would rather embrace a deplorable whitewashed fairy tale rather than the truth that comes from a rich history of people from all backgrounds who endured and sacrificed a great deal to make sure that the future moves forward and not backwards.  Education is imperative.  There are great inspirational stories about people that have done great things but those stories have been relegated to the sidelines when it comes to impacting the lives of Black people in a positive way on a grand scale.  Black History Month has become more about memorizing and reciting and less about engaging and doing.  Our kids will continue to suffer if the right values are not encouraged and supported.

Conscious living and a solid education as a foundation is what all Black people should be encouraged to pursue because it the best way to ensure a life of success and purpose.  If you show a child ALL that is possible through knowledge and an education then you plant the seed.  Black History Month can't possibly encompass that which should be the concerted effort of all of us towards emboldening the lives for those that come after us.  Everything that we do should be with the specific goal of bettering our lives and the lives of Black children.  We have to ensure that our children can navigate this world knowing that they are important.  What good is all of that history if it doesn't propel us forward in showing that we have a responsibility and the possibility to do great things.

Education is the best path for success in life for our children.  Parents are an integral factor in a Black child choosing a better life for themselves than the one that can be offered from a life lived in limbo without aspirations, priorities and goals.  We are 13% of the American population and yet we have the highest percentage of the incarcerated, unemployed and poor in society.  The chance of a Black child having a successful life in this world without an education is significantly less than the odds of winning the lottery.

My point?  Education, Education, Education and did I say Education.  Parents are their children's best advocate in the pursuit of their best lives.  An education is a very important part of that.  If we do not speak up and do right by them then we fail them terribly as their protectors and guardians.  Black people can have a hard time in this world that is full of choices and obstacles that no other race of people have to be concerned with and yes it is unfair.  But that unfairness doesn't negate the fact that an education expands our options and offers the potential to create our best life despite the obstacles.  Black children deserve to have great lives and that begins with their parents making better choices and great decisions on their behalf.  

Education will always be THE equalizer and accelerator in society that will allow Black people to lead successful lives.  Making education a priority in your household is what our children deserve.  The futures of Black children depend on it. 

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