Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Black Male Accountability Fail

In modern usage a scapegoat may be a child, employee, peer, ethnic or religious group, or country singled out for unmerited negative treatment or blame. (wikipedia)

I am sick and tired of hearing people defend completely indefensible actions.  When other Black men use terms like scapegoat to absolve other men of destructive and irresponsible behavior we get a two-fer in the Black Male Accountability problem.

Too Short (on intelligence) continues his "It wasn't my fault" and "I am a victim of the system" rounds with yet another interview.  Explaining that if it wasn't for "the man" making the money so good on degradation towards his own community then he and others wouldn't have done those type of albums.

I wanted to do a whole album of positive Too Short songs, just to keep that balance. I had made a verbal deal with Barry Weiss, where he was like, “Right now would be the perfect time, you should do like the raunchiest Too Short album ever – the album cover, the songs, just do a dirty f***in’ Too Short album.” This is the executive running the company advising me to put out an entire album of just cursing and sex.
And I noticed that at a certain point in Hip Hop the major labels stopped signing and promoting the positive artists, the ones that was just really positive. Positive images were hard to get out there. So I’m just saying that at some point it wasn’t that Hip Hop changed on its own, it had a little push. I’m a real conspiracy theorist, and I just feel like there had to be a gathering of the major labels and somebody had to say like, “Look, we gotta keep this positive shit off the airwaves and let this booty-shaking shit take over. It’s time.” And after that it’s like the floodgates just opened with sex and violence.

Negro Please.  It just happened?  "The Man" made him do it?  Too Short and the others like him are NOT victims.  They are the predatory perpetrators that have continued to plague the black community destroying it from the inside!  I am a proponent of being accountable and responsible for your actions.  Too Short and those that support him apparently don't feel the same.

Psst.  By the way.  Slavery is over.

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