Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Taking the High Road???

The problem with the expression "taking the high road" is the fact that more often than not the person taking the low road is conditioned to expecting that person to automatically do it.  This is the common response that many of us have probably heard being thrown out at us as a solution when we have been subjected to racism.  The years of stress that I have suffered from this doozy kept me angry.

BlacknBougie has a post today discussing racism, our society and the tragic Trayvon Martin case.  She gives her own examples of  "taking the high road" to combat racist behavior which as you read further subjects her to only allowing her complete frustration to be aired in private.  The racist gets to go on their way unaffected and without any sort of repercussions for what they have done.

We are always expected to breathe and hold it in.  It being the words or actions that would call a racist out for who and what they are.  For far too many white people being called a racist is now seen as worse than having racism inflicted on you.  When a racist is called out on their racism they will more often than not try to present themselves as the injured.   Forget the person that is subjected to the racist words, actions or behaviors.  They are insignificant compared to the racists' offense of being labeled a racist.

I just can't with stupid people anymore.  That is what a racist is-- a stupid person.  I exceeded my "high road" quota a long time ago.  I will call them on it.  Period.


  1. Here's what happens when POC take the high road. WP get the impression that verbally abusing us (John Massie) and/or using us for target practice (George Zimmerman) is okay. They're counting on POC to turn the other cheek; our complacency helps racial abuse continue.

  2. "They're counting on POC to turn the other cheek; our complacency helps racial abuse continue."