Monday, March 19, 2012

Cause and Consequence: Trayvon Martin's Death

It's been three weeks since Trayvon Martin was murdered and his parents have yet to see the man responsible arrested.  The 911 tapes have been released and they show that Trayvon was targeted and that he was not killed in self-defense.  This was a hate crime.  This young man did not have a chance against this person that was intent on ending his life.  He was walking back from the store after buying a bag of candy and an iced tea.

Black men have been propagandized to be the most feared in the world but they are definitely not the most dangerous. Why?  Because a society that is conditioned to go out of it's way to allow white males/white-identified males to grow up in a world that will justify and condone their horrific actions makes white males the most dangerous and all non-white people are at risk.

When the white supremacist power structure spends centuries making sure that the world believes you to be a threat to personal safety (from birth) then you create a world that is capable of anything to ensure your elimination.  Trayvon Martin is one of many Black children that have died due to racially motivated assaults.  

Black parents have a very real problem on their hands.  Black children are not safe because their lives are not valued.  We can continue to believe that it's "that child" and "it won't be my child" but we will do so risking our children's lives in the process.  It could have been any of our children!  Teenagers wear hoodies all of the time (male and female) so it could have easily been my daughter in Trayvon's position.  This a civil rights, child welfare and personal safety issue.  

When white males are allowed to write and enforce laws that disproportionately ensure that they will be allowed to do anything that they please with impunity then we have created society's most dangerous individual.  White males consumed with the white supremacist power structure are the ones that pose a threat to all of us and cause the most harm.  To be silent is to be complicit.  Sign the petition.

Trayvon Martin did not deserve to die but George Zimmerman deserves to be punished.


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