Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Apparently Black Woman Mutilation In Black Face Makes Great Art and Dessert

I am so beyond angry and tired of seeing Black males creating and participating in the continued pursuit to crush the Black female identity.  To simply say that I became ill when I saw this garbage on the internet would be a huge understatement.  You want to believe that the males that do this can't possibly be that stupid but they really are.

The diseased mind of Swedish "artist" Makode Linde thought that it was a good idea for him to create a cake in the racist caricature form of a Black woman (with him as the head of the cake in Black face) to draw attention to female genitalia mutilation.  Watching a collective of white people walking around gawking at his creation was completely appalling and reminiscent of the tragic life of Sarah Baartman.  By allowing those grinning white faces in Sweden the opportunity to cut into a cake of his degrading representation of a Black woman, Linde showed the world that he has no respect or empathy for Black women in the process.

His supposed desire to draw attention to the cruelty of female mutilation with this exhibit was lost from the moment he decided to represent the horror of female mutilation with a damn cake!  A cake that was first sliced by the Culture Minister of Sweden, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth (who should be fired) while she grinned and giggled for the cameras and at one point fed Linde some of the cake.

<--Yes they were that stupid, vulgar and insensitive.  Where in that display of glee was there any real understanding of the tragedy of female mutilation???  The imagery this "art" installation evoked was one of horror and pain.  This was not "art" to teach and inform, this was mockery of Black women and racism, plain and simple!

Can we please pay attention to the fact that Linde decided that the color black was to be used as the skin tone of this degrading spectacle and not the color brown.  Black is a race designation of people and the various shades of brown represents skin tone!

With "brothas" like Makode Linde you know that Black women are own their own and need to always be on guard.  Those that are socially perceived as the closest to you in society will sacrifice you on an open fire if the price is right.  I am tired of ignorant self-hating Black males objectifying and disparaging Black females as a source of social, financial or political gain.  Makode Linde proves that the sickness that has infected the Black male collective doesn't have borders.

What other race of male publicly creates and defends this type of degradation towards the women in their racial group?  If lost Black men don't get some self-respect and start protecting and defending Black women they will cease to exist.

Take a look at the YouTube video and the comments if you can stomach it.  This F-O-O-L has the nerve to make screaming sounds (which sound more like a comedic yelp) as the cake is cut.    

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