Monday, April 16, 2012

If My Support Is So Important...

Try creating films that I want to see!

While reading my Google reader there was a post that popped up from Clutch and the title was "We Still Need to Support, Think Like A Man".  *falls over laughing hysterically*

How about creating films that don't dismiss and demean Black women and then turn around imploring (and often times demanding) that we spend our money on it.  I refuse to spend one dime of my money to help Steve Harvey keep his third wife or to help Kevin Hart remain relevant.

I knew that the articles about why we (Black women) should support the film Think Like A Man were on the way since it is being released on Friday.  But to see this article written on Clutch (a online magazine that promotes itself as being "for Black women") was too much of the ridiculous all within a couple of paragraphs.

Since Clutch has now removed this ridiculous article I have included what I received below.

We Still Need to Support, “Think Like A Man”

The movie based on Steve Harvey’s book, “Think Like A Man,” comes out in theaters this Friday.  Despite personal views, it still needs our support. Many may not agree with the premise of the movie (myself included), but it is a film with a majority black cast. Not seeing the movie because you don’t like the book will not only hurt Steve Harvey, but the other black actors in the film as well.
We need to support all black films so that Hollywood continues to give funding for films with black actors. I know some of your may say you don’t like the caliber of the majority of black films that come out, but the more we support them the better they will get with time. Boycotting will actually do more harm than good in the long run.  Going to see this film and other all black movies will show the purchasing power of the Black community. It will show that it pays to have movies that have black actors and that deal with issues that our community has to encounters every day.
We can’t complain about the lack of Black actors in movies and then not support movies that do have an all Black cast.
Will you go see it?

I wonder if the author really believes what she wrote or she was just looking to get page clicks.  Either way she might want to "phone a friend" before hitting the publish button next time.

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