Monday, April 9, 2012

Shaking Off A Whiteness Defined World

A whiteness defined world establishing itself as the norm perceives other races as lesser or insignificant in comparison.  This is the world in which we live.  A whiteness defined narrative is what makes it difficult for non-white people and white people to see and effectively challenge the truth about America and the world as we know it.

We live in and condone a world built on lies, degradation and the destruction of all things counter to the whiteness narrative.

Word choice has been an integral part of  marketing and propelling the whiteness narrative.  For example colonialism or colonization are the words that have been used to define what happened during the time that Europeans invaded other countries and instituted means of control through mass murder, demonization and then appropriation. The use of the words colonialism/colonization allowed for the white narrative to be molded into one of heroism instead of terrorism.

Imagine for a moment if more accurate words (invade, kidnap, torture, murder) had defined the atrocities that took place in order for white people to ascend to a position of power.  There would have been little chance of white people being able to adopt the position that what they inflicted around the globe could be labeled as "progress".  It has been difficult to fight against that which too many sees as a positive.  I have heard people say "Well our lives are probably better off here than we probably would have been in Africa if not for the slave trade."  That is a colonized mind speaking and because the Europeans saw fit to take away our ancestors options we will never know.

What more could the continent of Africa have been by now if some of its most precious resources had not been taken forcibly (many dying en route) to enrich other lands?  How might Africans have enriched the continent with fair trade deals in place? 

With terms like colonialism/colonization being used whiteness had it's narrative foundation allowing for white people to be portrayed as "hero" or "savior".   Those words allowed the re-imagining (read: fairy tales) by covering the atrocities that took place with a veil of lies that stated colonialism/colonization was a necessity.  The choosing of these words was intentional because these words are benign compared to more specific, more accurate words that really define the actions that took place and those seemingly benign words are every bit of the problem with our history and our present.

"Progress" didn't include all people and to continue to see and portray it as a greater good for everyone is the problem that continues to plague this world.  Colonialism/Colonization created a white defined violent laden society that would ultimately need to be maintained through more violence.

There hasn't been any good that has come from minimizing the magnitude of the devastation caused by the idea and consequently the indoctrination of a white defined world.  Why are so many people (non-whites especially) still on board with it?  Placating a narrative that has done nothing but destroy the lives of millions of people has been no less than a declaration of defeat..

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