Wednesday, April 11, 2012

George Zimmerman To Be Charged For Killing Trayvon Martin

Update:  George Zimmerman has been charged with the second degree murder of Trayvon Martin and is currently being held without bond.

After nearly 8 weeks the person that killed Trayvon Martin will be charged.  I am glad that George Zimmerman will finally have to answer for the events that took place on the night of February 26 that ended with Trayvon Martin, 17, being shot to death walking back home from a neighborhood store.

There are so many things that can be said about the appalling length of time that it took for this to happen.  The fact that the police department in Sanford, FL decided that the life of a Black youth was not important enough to warrant a proper investigation when he was murdered.  The police department failed to secure the crime scene and Trayvon Martin's death was so unimportant to them that they waited three days to notify his parents.  The people that are charged "to serve and protect" don't get to choose who that applies to and who it doesn't apply to.  DO YOUR JOB.

No one in this world should look at this case and see anything less than the abominable fact that systemic racism in this country allows the people that are born to the "privileged" race to behave as if they are above reproach.  There have been many reports from those that support George Zimmerman claiming that he was defending himself when he decided to follow and use a gun to end the life of Trayvon Martin.

The people in Zimmerman's camp have been defending his right to defend himself under Florida's Stand Your Ground law by offering up one scenario after the other to paint George Zimmerman as the victim.  Shaken baby syndrome?  It is a realistic and sad state of affairs to see in action those things that Black people endured generations ago taking place in the twenty-first century when it comes to the justification for taking the life of a Black person.

For insecure people that enjoy debasing, demeaning and destroying the life of people because of the color of their skin.  It is fitting and not surprising that when it comes to standing behind the beliefs that encourage them to treat others as insignificant that they would hide from being able to declare it publicly and take responsibility.  At their core those type of people are cowards.  George Zimmerman and is no different.

Trayvon Martin didn't deserve to lose his life at the hands of someone that was too cowardly to address his issues.  Let us hope that now that George Zimmerman will be charged that Trayvon's parents will finally get justice and receive answers as to why their son had to lose his life because a man thought he had the right to take it.


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    1. Yes it did. I am praying for justice and very interested to see what a jury of his peers in Sanford, FL would be.