Monday, August 25, 2014

Getting Back To It

It has been a while but I have not abandoned my space here. I have just been taking the time to live and take care of health and to be completely present in the life of the most glorious person in the world. The darling love has graduated from high school with honors and will begin her next phase in life as a college freshman this fall!  Truly blessed and grateful.

I have big plans for this blog to continue. Shining a light on the world that Black people have to navigate is a major part of that plan. There has been so much that has happened since I have been away and I have to say that I have been left with feelings of anger, fatigue and disgust. Why do people have to make themselves so unnecessary to a sane existence? Ugh.

My plan is to begin a regular weekly posting schedule beginning September 2. Weekend postings may happen but they will not be a regular part of my schedule. There are other things that I am excited about and working on as well that coincide with my LOVE for Black people! I just want us to be great and some of y'all jokers are making it seem impossible but I am still on the side of Team Black People for life.

See you'll soon.


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