Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Black Rage: Whiteness and the Continued Socialization of White People- Part I

For close to six hundred years, depending on the author, whiteness has been committing torturous acts of violence against Black bodies around the world for pleasure and for profit. So for our current safety and our children's futures let's no longer remain willfully unaware. Let us no longer subscribe to the idea that white people will ever willingly stop because they see the horror in what they have done and continue to do. Denial is a great life preserver. Values and morals be damned... to the victor goes the spoils.

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"Decolonization of the mind" is a phrase often used in reference to an affected person's need to undo the damage that came from the horrendous legacy of trauma, contempt and subjugation created by Europeans toward Black bodies. I hate the word d-e-c-o-l-i-n-i-z-a-t-i-o-n because it is a derivative of the word colonize which is a non-specific intentionally diluted word which unfortunately is now synonymous with progress in many minds. 

It is very difficult and very dangerous to live in a world that does not see you as a human being that deserves agency and autonomy. We are again living in a time where Black bodies need to be noticeably and violently eliminated because we are no more than uncooperative impediments to the sustainability of whiteness. When we are not solely for their personal benefit we serve no purpose. "Life was so much better and easier when they just let us own them", they cry. 

The treacherous society around the world due to white supremacy has created a corrosive living environment based. on. skin. tone. There is quite literally nowhere that Black people can go and not experience racism. "We don't feel safe", they cry. But they're not the ones constantly being terrorized wherever they go. Whiteness' incessant need to be "the best", "the first", "the one in control" has caused enormous amounts of ongoing tragedy around the world but Black people are considered the bottom of society???

America is the same as it has always been toward Black people. Its racist systemic laws and practices meant to consistently undermine, demean and condemn Black people to lives lived under constant scrutiny and forced subjugation are its foundation. In a country that white people stole and subjected to 400+ years of murder, slavery, propaganda and appropriation; I am at a loss as to why far too many Black people would care to be seen as understanding in any way towards a white supremacist culture.  

We are living in the 21st century and we are still dealing with the heinous creation that is white supremacy in a way that is more about coaxing and coddling white people into doing the right thing and less about destroying the foundation that continues it. I am tired and over it. I want white people to be uncomfortable and to feel unsafe because it is exactly the life that the have inflicted upon Black people and others for centuries. Maybe that feeling will motivate its accelerated destruction. Doubtful. Whiteness has to be intentionally and systematically dismantled. 

Our disconnectedness and complacent choice to be indifferent towards the lack of humanity and socialization within white culture are the reasons why we are still dealing with the complete disregard for our lives and the lives of our children. We continue to allow violence against us to be portrayed as benign when we choose to be civil and understanding. Whiteness has never been civil! 

No more Black people losing their lives for general purpose. That means all Black lives matter.  


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