Friday, September 11, 2009

The Truth Shall Set Us Free: Updated

Here we go again with no one in MSM or on some blogs wanting to call what Joe Wilson did when he yelled "you lie", in the confines of Congress, during President Obama's speech to the nation an act of disrespect soaked in the racism of the Confederate flag that he loves and all that represents for his kind because he [Joe Wilson] grew up being swaddled and cuddled in it by those elders [you know the racists] growing up. I don't usually like to blame everything on racism but in this case I WILL because that is what I believe bore his strong tainted indignation to do what he did.

Anywho... this post is not dedicated to that fool Joe Wilson (who should lose his reelection bid if constituents know how to do right by themselves) but to all the Black journalists, Black bloggers and non-black bloggers who feel the need to remain politically correct when addressing ANYTHING that is racially or possibly racially tainted. Why??? We can have a discussion about what we may think, right. That is supposed to be the foundation of having a dialogue that benefits all points of view?!

Remaining PC in these situations means that you want me to remain silent thereby showing sensitivity to a culture, system or person that could give a damn about reciprocating by being sensitive to our culture, our system, our person. In my previous post I spoke on this very idea that some Black people feel gagged and bound and try and tiptoe around the actual TRUTH of the blatant and disparaging differences made when it comes to the discussion of racism by not choosing to blowing the lid off the topic in public.

Lately we have wingnuts, crackpots, racists being able to speak out and receive soft glove consideration because they are wingnuts and crackpots. Just one problem with that...these wingnuts and crackpots are raising children to be wingnuts and crackpots so this cycle of believing that you have the right to debase another human being because of race doesn't stop.

What these wingnuts and crackpots don't obviously understand [because they are wingnuts and crackpots] is the fact that to teach your children to disrespect authority means that you are teaching them that you will become 'fair game' in that thought mentality if it serves your child's purpose. "Duh", as my daughter says, "why would parents do that because it doesn't allow the kids to learn to think for themselves".

DING, DING, DING! "Pumpkin (yes that is what I call my beautiful baby) because to allow their children to learn to think for themselves would be too great a risk because the world is changing and it terrifies them that all of the unnecessary hatred based on race, culture
and social standing that they were fed from generation to generation could disappear".

The world still has a long way to go but I do believe it is changing when I see my daughter and her friends of all racial, social and economic backgrounds! Black people need to do their part and stop thinking that they can sit back and wait for it to happen. How do we do that, you ask? We do that by taking control over our lives as individuals by getting and as a people by getting EDUCATED because knowledge really is power which will create fabulous opportunities for ourselves and our communities!

Black People!!! Look around you, find a mentor and read books [education doesn't have to be "formal" for everyone] because Black people have contributed a great deal to this world that we live in and can continue to do more but only if we know the history of greatness of what we did before we came to this country and what we did after coming to this country.

Unacceptable. Unacceptable. Unacceptable. There is no excuse to sit back on our asses to wait "our turn" trying to be a part of something that isn't automatically inclusive of us in a manner that doesn't require us to integrate and ASSimilate into "white culture" compromising our identities which most certainly leaves behind who we are and what we uniquely offer that can enrich ourselves, our communities and the world!

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