Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Genteel White Woman Lie and America is the MOST Racist Country in the World

A finger in the face should get you maced!

Threatened??? The white privileged face of America setting the standard for ignorance.

This picture has been circling the internet for almost a week now and I have resisted posting on it because I wasn't calm and there have been some really great posts referencing it and what it implies here, here and here.  My initial reaction to seeing this wasn't any different from any other time that I have seen disrespect, towards Black people, born from the ignorance of white privilege and racism.  I want this post to be plain and direct and to include enough honesty and truth to choke the white privilege out of every white person that subscribes to that mindset.

White Woman Gentility is propaganda and it always has been

You see in the media, the movies, and certain people's (read: white people) retelling of history there is this idea that white women are some genteel prized female creation that can do no wrong and that they should be protected and exalted at all costs.  Throughout history white women have been the exact reflection of their white male counterparts in their desire to continue racism in order to reap any and all social, political and financial benefits.  That is why movies like The Help are deplorable because they magnify the lies and bury the truth.  It caricatures the belief systems and behaviors so that the true level of their despicable actions are dulled. The people that endured the inexcusable acts and conditions that occurred during Slavery, Reconstruction and Jim Crow deserved better.  White women were just as guilty as the males but white people work hard to have you believe that white women are essentially harmless. 

White privileged males always have white privileged female counterparts

Every indecent, dishonest and despicable white privileged male probably has a just as indecent, dishonest and despicable white privileged woman standing with him.  Manufacturing and maintaining the perception of nobility while committing horrible acts is the white privileged way and they will do THAT at all costs.  We just had a white privileged male put the entire country at risk in 2008 by choosing to have a white female running mate that subscribed to the same distorted mindset all for the sake of winning at all costs.  Damn truth, justice and the supposedly benign American way if it gets in their way of perpetuating white supremacy.

The public face of white privileged people is a racist one

It glaringly apparent that America is the most racist country in the world even among supposed allies against racial injustice.  Search your memory or search Google and you will find many instances of  blatant racist behavior in American society by supposed patriots since President Obama took office and even before when he was Senator Obama running for the presidency of The United States of America.    The public faces of white privilege love to talk about the idea that we are now living in a post-racial America because a Black American was elected to the presidency.  The problem with that conclusion is the fact that President Obama won in spite of the fact that a large majority of Americans DID NOT vote for him because he was BLAAAAACK.

White supremacists in America miscalculated the crazy.  They thought that the white race would be united in the pursuit of ensuring a Negro didn't get the top post!  Now when some white people saw what could be waiting for them they decided to go left because going right would have been a major risk.  Many of those that changed course did it silently because publicly voting for the Black guy would burn their familial white privileged bridge.  After their defeat, the Public White Privileged new strategy was to endure but not without sabotage being employed to detract, deflect and destroy in order to ensure that non-white (and definitely not Black) would hopefully never prevail again.  Doing whatever they need to do AT. ALL. COSTS.

White people need to put on THEIR marching shoes

To all white people that might come across this blog and try to excuse, defend or deflect... SAVE IT and keep reading because this part is especially for you.   You'll (white people that are against racism and white privilege) need to put on YOUR marching shoes and start challenging your mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, wives and husbands!  No one can clean your house better than you.  I don't want to hear complaining about non-white people making you feel bad because they are being hard on you and don't seem to want your help or won't let you help the way that you want to.

The best way that white people (who hate racial injustice) can help is to turn your benevolence towards the REAL PROBLEM and that is taking place for most of you right in your own backyard.  Don't try to lecture or tell ANY other race of people how they should interpret racism; how they should feel about racism used against them or what they need to do to "deal with" racism.  Racism needs to be dealt with and destroyed at its core and that is among ALL OF YOU.  If you are against injustices of racism then say it loud and proud and act on it amongst yourselves first.  Handle your business.

Silent sufferers, enablers and appeasers need to grow up

Attorney General Eric Holder gave a speech that was condemned by many and for which he was maligned in the press and in the political realm for telling the truth about America: 

"Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial, we have always been and we -- I believe continue to be in too many ways essentially a nation of cowards,"

We know from experience and history that the white face of America and their enablers don't like the truth.  America's white supremacist face likes silence, coddling and placating because it is their only hope of propelling the injustices derived from racism forward for another century without them suffering the deep everlasting consequences for it.  People that remain silent about racial injustice are just as guilty as those that appallingly engage in blatant racist behavior.

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