Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No more B*****s, H**s or Tricks for Jay-Z.

Can you say hypocrite!!! 

I couldn't help but to see all the praises that are being lauded on Jay-Z (Mr. Black Community Pimp Extraordinaire) for realizing now that HIS daughter will be affected that the derogatory language he has used to demean women is no longer acceptable.  Give me a break!  Never mind the fact that he spent well over twenty years destroying generations of young minds by being verbally abusive to other people's daughters for pay. No, no, no.  Now that HIS daughter has entered the world he makes the pronouncement (through a song no less because he has to get paid) that he is done with verbally degrading women.

Oh, the benevolence of it all.

Jay-Z spent far too many years using women as the object of his vile verbal attacks and now we are to believe that since the birth of HIS daughter he has been enlightened enough to stop his twenty plus year career of verbally abusing of women.  What if he had changed course many years prior to the birth of his beloved daughter then maybe our daughters could have been spared his disgusting words.  If he had, there might have been less carnage and it might have been more believable that he cared about the damage done.

This jerk has blazed a path through the black community helping to destroy it for profit.  What part of your redemption should I believe to be real when every part of what you put forward stinks of a marketing strategy.  You carefully planned and perfectly timed your daughters introduction to the world for profit of course.  Folks, make no mistake Jay-Z is still the same opportunistic threat to the betterment of the black community that he has always been.

Maybe money can make the man but it can also make monsters.


  1. Now you wanna stop saying B@*ch??!? Now that you have a daughter and she might be called a b@*ch, you want to stop saying it?? And people are OK with this?? What about 7years ago when my daughter was born? It was all good to say it then but not now? PLEASE!

  2. @cinque

    Amazing how a conscience comes about isn't it??? Doesn't matter that he himself torched and bloodied the path creating the strife that his black female daughter will endure. I am sure she will thank him for it someday.

  3. There should've been a louder outcry from many years ago when that kind of language was used by anyone including. Just like the rest of America, the sexism and misogyny of women are a part of American society. Even if Jay-Z didn't call out women the way he did prior to the birth of his daughter, the machinery of black female dehumanization would continue and more measures against the black community would be planned.

  4. @BrothaWolf

    The very fact that too many black males are okay with the debasement of black women for entertainment, social and/or financial gain shows the deteriorated mindsets. Black males are the only race of males that publicly demean and devalue the women of their own race for sport. It is time for the brothers to put each other in check.

  5. How I agree with you wholeheartedly. Rap music has been a totally debasement of African American women and culture. And not every black entertainer has bought into the styles often portrayed in that genre of music; but who gets the most press?

  6. @The Editor

    "but who gets the most press?"

    Which is exactly the way that the white owned media want it. To put emphasis on Black Americans that reflect positively on our culture would be counter to the propaganda that they want to continue. It is the only way that they can control and try to keep a handle on all of the lies they've told for centuries.